More than a simple starter

Flour, water and microorganisms. A FEW SIMPLE INGREDIENTS are used to create sourdough, a natural starter known from ancient Egypt and still in use today thanks to its healthy and effective properties.  

Sourdough’s ability to provide bread with a distinctive body, taste and aroma is what makes it so special, along with a number of BENEFITS and QUALITIES that can’t be found in other types of starters. 

Sourdough is so unique because it enhances the taste of bread, provides it with the distinctively GENUINE and ARTISANAL flavour that everybody loves, extends its shelf-life, while also making it softer and fuller.

Also, sourdough starter lowers the bread’s glycemic index while making it more digestible. And therefore HEALTHIER. 

Sourdough is one of the secret ingredients of RO.MAR’s successful and HIGH-QUALITY bread manufacturing. Since its beginning, our company has used only the best ingredients and sourdough starter. That’s why our pre-packaged bread is as good, fragrant and digestible as artisan bread.


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